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Dragon Nest New Level 60 Active Skills [Leaked]

Lately, I have been posting stuffs concerning on what will be the new skills that we will get when the level 60 cap update for Dragon Nest comes. Well, in one of my post, I have listed some possible skills that might come in the future and, most of them are ex versions of the current skill that we have. This only means that it's only an improve version of our 2nd job advancement which enhances the range, AOE, damage, animation or even add some effects on that skill. 
To tell you honestly, I am pretty disappointed knowing this as some of the Ex version are not cool. In fact, I did cross my finger so that there will be some active skills in the release of level 60 cap. And luckily, that hope has been renewed as someone had emailed me this morning saying that possibly, there will be active skills in the release of the level 60 cap.
If Eric Shemolda is to be believe, then we will be having 4 skills in the release of the level 60 cap. It will be 2 ex versions of the second job advancement, one new passive skill and one new active skill.  Seems you are pretty excited now? :D. Me too!
Anyway, this tips is supposedly leaked level 50-60 skills of the current classes of a Dragon Nest server which has the update already. However, it has not been implemented yet and we don't know if it's true yet but, I am still glad that my hopes of having an active skill in the level 60 cap did not fade away just yet :D.
So what's the new active skills at level 60 cap for Dragon Nest?

Well, we haven't got any images or videos. All that Eric sent me is a bunch of text describing what would be the new active skills of each class when the update comes. So here it is:

Note: The text where originally Japanese. And if my google translate serves me right, then my translation would be correct :D. I hope that I have translated this texts well (well it's the translators fault anyway so don't blame me.hahaha).

Vested with the sword: A passive skill which enhances the Gladiator's super-armor breaking capability (more like breaking point?)
The impact of cut: Instantly sprint to the front about 15m, dealing damage to the enemy and breaking their super armor , and then quickly back to hacking, the surrounding enemies within 7m which causes great damage.
Aura Sword: A passive skill which enhances their magical damage permanently.
Moonlight cut: Jumps into the air and throw a moon-like wave of sword (I think it's crescent) which will hit ground targets. the unit  hit by this skill will loss a certain amount of MP (The effect only PVP). 
End of the blow: A passive skill which will make an enemy miss if their life is below 50%. Nest Boss will not be included in this effect but in terms of PVP, any enemy will significantly reduced their hit rate when this skill procs.
Burst Shock: A charge attack which damage an enemy and within a certain time, a significant reduction in self-defense force, greatly enhance the physical attack power, crit rate, destructive. 
Life force: A passive skill which has a 25% chance to convert 50% of your Life to damage (I think it will not reduce your life but if this skill procs, 50% of your the amount of your life will be added to your damage)
Death growl: A powerful howl which significantly reduces maximum health of all enemies and defense, while the units in the state can not jump, can not dash, slide or even roll. 
Fire breaks: A passive skill which has gives a certain chance to Saleana to convert the burn status they have inflicted to the enemy to their HP.
Fire Dragon: Summon a fire dragon around in their own side, causing damage and burning enemies around her. Flames randomly spreads in the area causing great damage to surrounding enemies.
Cold: A passive skill which gives Elestra to freeze and enemy while doing a normal attack.
Ice land: Freezes the ground at your epicenter. The enemies within this skill might slip while walking (more like wax), can not immediately change the direction of movement, and when this skill reaches its very end, it will melt and cause huge damage to the enemy.
Gravity control: A passive skill which enhances dark attack and defense.
Call Death: call a strong grasp of death around the enemy, so all the enemies around in a certain period of time will be like dead people. All enemies hit by this skill will be launch to the air, unable to move and when they land, they will acquire additional damage (redundant skill because of switch gravity I think. must be remove :D).
Light power: A passive skill which enhances the laser-like active skills of a Smasher. 
Time and space area: Create a space door which can let you teleport for 30m away. Then press right click to then go to that door and teleport you and your allies to a certain direction (whoa!). I don't know the mechanics of this skill but this would be a fun skill to use obviously :D!
Armor: A passive skill which for every level of percentage of permanent physical (I think he is talking about strength) enhance their own defense force, and so by the magic damage have a chance to be invalid.
Justice of the gas: Send an instant breath of justice which all enemies 10m around the skill will be launch into the air and will cause great aggro.
Trial of wisdom: A passive skill, physical attack by a certain minimum percentage increase in wisdom, in accordance with the minimum magic attack power of a certain percentage increase in strength. 
Holy trial: Calls upon the divine power and launch it in a straight line causing great damage to enemies within the range of the skill.
Totem master: A passive skill which has the chance to extend the duration of all relics on the field.
Purification of the hands: Summon the light to which then will allow you and your party to every to be immune to any elements. I don't know yet the range of this skill.
Lightning incarnation: a passive skill, standing immobile in a place without using any skills in the case, then continued around the production of their own lightning ball, and rushed around the auto damage the enemy, and make electric shock. 
Heaven Lightning: continuous casting, calls numerous lightning in their own surroundings within the random bombing of the ground, hit enemy on the fatal injury and then can launch them. Continuous casting conditions can activate the embodiment of lightning. More like lightning rain!
Puncture: a passive skill, so that their physical attack with arrows fired puncture function. Each penetrate a target, damage reduced by 10%. The first attack on the unit damage increase 25%. 
Slowly Arrow: Launch a very large and slow flying arrows to move slowly in 2 seconds after the moment of the outbreak, spread into numerous small arrow, a random track within 15m of the enemy kill. 
Magic Arrow master: the passive skills, permanently enhance their own magic attack power. 
Flower and Arrow: Arrow to air launch a plum, plum blossom arrows in the air, to the surrounding petals to launch a strong attack. 
Spiral fire: passive skills, so that ordinary attack, a chance to launch a small whirlwind attack. 
Phantom Vortex: Call 2 or 3 black phantom possessed which can use any of your skills and has a 30% damage. Shadow Clone Jutsu? :D. WTF!
Wind Walk: passive skills, tumbling again after clicking button to launch the same direction, so that their speed improved significantly. 
Blast feitui: its rapid flashes back and forth in a single target, on target to play crazy shot. You can also wind-step mode, click the left mouse button released.
So, after reading all the possible passive and active skills at level 60 cap, what do you think? Do you feel excited about it or do it needs improvement? How do this skill looks like in action? Have your say on our comment box. Share your thoughts about this post and also, you can email us by clicking the "Submit Tips" section in our navigation bar to send some early images or even your own artwork on how might this skill look like in action.

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