Monday, March 18, 2013

Best Destroyer Skill Build in Dragon Nest

Destroyer are one tough mean fighting machine in Dragon Nest SEA. They don't back down on fights! Instead, they are enjoying an "in your face" kind of fight and loves to seek and destroy enemies. But the most awesome feature of a Destroyer is its ability to break armors and land critical hits to the enemies.
For those who have been waiting for a Skill Build for Destroyer in Dragon Nest SEA, then this is your lucky day. Yesterday, I have bought a Job Change scroll, change my Barbarian to Destroyer and, here I am, sharing my Destroyer skill build to you. Before proceeding reading my guide, please take note that my skill build focuses mainly on PVE. I have max out the important Howls of the Destroyer and have learn the damager skills of this class. In addition to that, I have allocated SP at the Warrior skill tree just like what I have did on my Barbarian skill build. While in the Mercenary skill tree, it's almost identical also on my Barbarian skill build. The only difference is, I have level Flying Swing further to get its Ex version.

Note: Please be reminded that this skill build is for the level 50 Cap only. It will change when the level 60 cap will come out.

Warrior Skill Tree 
Heavy Slash- Don't add any SP on this skill. Has great damage increment when leveled up and has a very low cooldown but, you won't have space for this skill on your hotkey as you'll definitely prefer those hard-hitting skills. 
Impact Punch- Don't add SP on this skill. It might be useful in PVP as it can launch a target in the air but, the damage isn't significant when increased compared to other skills. 

Impact Wave- Don't put SP on this skill. Has good damage, low cooldown and mid-range attack that can cause knock down but, the only problem is it uses the magical attack side of a Warrior.
Rising Slash- Level this skill to 6. A good skill to allocate points to suffice the SP requirement on the Warrior skill tree to get the Mercenary skills. In addition, this skill can be a good asset in PVP as it can be part of your chaining combo.
Circle Break- I put the remaining SP on this skill. Has a good damage when leveled up high plus, it has super-armor breaking capability. Also, this skill can cause knock down to opponents in PVP matches.
Highlander- Get this skill. You'll need this skill to ensure that you and your party will survive in tough Nests such as SDN.

Relieve- I usually level this skill to 3 as the 2 debuffs removed is very helpful in PVP.

Tumble-Max this skill. One of your evasion skill and as well as the skill you need to cast first to start off dashing.

Wake Attack- Put 1 SP on this skill. It let's you get back up immediately while doing damage when you have been put into the ground.

Dropkick- Personally, I don't like this skill. Other guide will say that it's helpful for Mercenary in PVP but the reality is, you won't even bother casting this skill in the field. Mercenaries often wants their opponents laying on their back than doing aerial combos. So, I think this skill will be useless for this class.
Sweeping Kick- I rather not get this skill and spend the SP meant for to those skill which are really needed. Believe me, this skill isn't that good as what they've said to be in PVP.

Soccer Kick- Put 1 SP on this skill for prerequisite. You really need this skill to get Soccer Kick Combo which will be your first attack to start a combo in PVP matches.

Dash- Max this skill for highest mobility.

Dash Kick- You have the choice to get this skill or not. In my case, I don't get this skill as often times I use Soccer Kick Combo to do more damage than this skill.
Aerial Evasion- Max this skill as this is your only way out if you're being juggled in the air.

Physical Mastery, Mental Mastery, Mind Conquer- Max all these skills as they are very helpful in completing the SP requirement on the Warrior skill tree and mostly, it can increase you HP, MP and MP recovery respectively.
Mercenary Skill Tree
Stomp- Personally I level this skill to 6 as a Destroyer as the damage at this level peaks high and it has the ability to stagger enemies. Lastly, the movement reduction can also be a good asset especially in PVP.
Demolition Fist- For a Barbarian, this skill may have great purpose as they might get the Ex Version for this skill at Level 60 Cap. It does have decent damage when leveled up and has a decent frontal AOE. However, for us Destroyer, we will be getting either Ring Bomb Ex or Punishing Swing Ex. So, at level 50, I strongly suggest not to level this skill high as there are no guarantees yet that we will getting a scroll reset on level 60 cap.

Additional Note: For level 40 cap, level this skill high as at level 50, there will be a skill reset.
Circle Swing- One of the most awesome skill in the Mercenary skill tree. It does tremendous damage when leveled high and has a wide AOE. But the best part is, it can launch enemies into the air and after that, they fall down on the ground face first. A must max skill in the Mercenary skill tree.
Whirlwind- Max this skill. Due to skill revamped, the damage increment has become insanely high. Very good in terms of dealing damage to the enemies.

Flying Swing- I'm not really a fan of this skill as it has a very slow casting speed. However, it can deal huge damage when it hits a tarfet and can launch them way up high into the air. Just put 6 SP on this skill to get its Ex version.
Punishing Swing- Put 1 SP on this skill. Not really a damage-type skill but only a utility skill. It enables you to throw a ball at long distance and when it hits, it can cause enemy to stagger.

Ring Bombs- This is one of my favorite skills in the Mercenary skill tree. It's a long range attack which causes a lot of mayhem. When this skill hits, not only that it will inflict a lot of damage but it will also launch the target very high to the air (and then they land flat on the ground). There's no other option than to max out this skill.
Rolling Attack- Max this skill for highest damage output. The damage increment is insanely great when you level this skill. However, it needs a lot of practice making this skill hit a target. In terms of PVP, you need to be at a very close range to your target, then aim front (facing him) so that you can carry him into the air and bring him down to the ground with force. When you do this, the enemy will receive the whole damage.
Crisis Howl- Put 1 SP on this skill, especially when you are a PVP lover. You really need this skill to get out in times when you have been staggered by the enemy and surrounded by a lot of threats.
Taunting Howl- I prefer to just leave this skill to 1 for utility purposes.. This has the ability to threat enemies, reduce their attack power and their critical rate which is good but, it's not GREAT. That is why I prefer to level this skill to 1 and besides, I only need this skill to flinch enemies. 
Iron Skin- Max this skill. At max level, this skill give you a 45% super-armor for 30 seconds which will decrease the damage you taken from enemy attacks and avoid being stunned.

Howl Charging- Max this skill. This skill should be max, especially when you plan to become a PVE-type Barbarian. In most cases, this skill is really needed to reduce both physical and magical and magical damage taken by the caster and the party. 
Devitalizing Howl- Put 1 SP if you're a PVP type while max this skill if you're going PVE. Aside from damage, it can silence enemies and remove buffs casted by them. Can hit opponents while they are laying helpless on th ground.
Dash Blow- Put 1 SP on this skill. After Dash, you can activate this skill to launch enemy into the air. A great skill to have in PVP.
Toughness- Max this skill for the extra physical damage taken reduction.
Soccer Kick Combo- Put 1 SP on this skill. After Dash Blow, you can then use this skill to kick the enemy and then perform a stomp at the very end. Very good skill in PVP.
Battle Howl- Prioritize maxing this skill. One of the greatest buffs in the game. It will give you and your party additional physical/magical attack power, critical increase and high stun chance. It has a 10 seconds cooldown and will last for 180 seconds. How good is that?
Havoc Howl- Max this skill. Release a furious roar to the enemy which will decrease both their attack and magic power greatly for 20 seconds. A very usefull skill in terms of PVE and might also help in PVP. Just make sure that your opponent is on the ground before you cast this skill in PVP.
Ultimate Skills
At level 50 Cap, I highly suggest that you just get 1 ultimate skill and that is Gigantic Bomb. Other guide would say that you should get duo ultimate at level 50 cap but I disagree with them. Think of this, it may be beneficial to get Cyclone Axe and have duo ultimate as you will be more versatile in doing so but the fact is, at level 50 cap, you will be short of SP. You cannot max out all the high damaging skills and as well as get Duo ultimate. So, I rather just get 1 ultimate at the moment so I can max out the skills I need for this build. At level 60 cap, well, that's a different story. :)
Destroyer Skill Tree
Breaking Point- Get this skill. The rate to trigger this skill may be low as we can only allocate 1 SP at level 50 cap for this skill but, you should get this skill as its very useful. When it is activated, it will destroy the super armor of the enemy and you can land critical hits.
Flying Swing Ex- Put 1 SP on this skill. With this passive skill, you will inflict additional damage to your Flying Swing skill and also, it will increase the frontal range of your skill.

Maelstrom Howl- Put 1 SP on this skill. One of my favorite skill as a Destroyer. Not only that it has a very beneficial suction effect, but it also has a damage reduction effect while its on action. The damage is pretty decent also leaving me no choice but to get this skill.
The next think you need to know is what skill heraldy plates you need for your Destroyer. In my case, I find the following skill crests really helpful for my character:
Whirlwind- +20% damage increase.
Rolling Attack- +20% damage increase.
Iron Skin- +20% buff duration.
Howl Charging- 20% decrease cooldown.
Optional (PVP):
Dash- 30% hit damage decrease
Side Kick- +50% action speed.
Gigantic Bomb- 12% decreased cooldown.
One last thing you might want to see is an image of my skill build for Destroyer. Here it is:

Level 40 Skill Build for Destroyer in Dragon Nest:
Warrior Skill Tree
Mercenary Skill Tree
Level 50 Skill Build for Destroyer in Dragon Nest:
Warrior Skill Tree
Mercenary Skill Tree
Destroyer Skill Tree
If you are looking for the recommended Destroyer Item Build, then I suggest you go to this link:
Recommended Destroyer Item Build

Did you find my article "Best Destroyer Skill Build in Dragon Nest SEA" helpful? If you do, then write down some feedbacks on the comment box or share your thoughts about my article. Suggestions and recommendations are also accepted.


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