Monday, January 20, 2014

Dragon Nest Future Patch: Lvl 100


Aside from the skills and Complete 2nd Job Class Exes, new features will be added:

- Max lvl Cap: 100

- Ancient Grade Weapons and armor

- New Dragon Nest Normal and Hardcore

- Inner Dragon Transformation (HOT! HOT!HOT!)

About Inner Dragon Transformation


Like the six legendary heroes of Lagendia, every adventurer will discover a mysterious power hidden inside their soul. Each sub class was a descendant of a certain dragon (Elestra from Sea Dragon, Majesty from Green Dragon, So on and so forth). The adventurers of Lagendia will discover their hidden past as they continue their journey, along with this, is the discovery of their new strength and enormous power.

How to start:

Their will be a new quest, more like a specialization quest from an NPC in the lates map once you reach lvl 100.

In order to complete the quest, you are required to collect the following:

1.) Item: Dragon Soul shards
Amount: 20 pcs. (not final)
Where to get: Rare loot from killing any Boss Dragon ( People will start abusing SDN again)

2.) Item: Ancient Relic fragments /stone
Amount: 50 pcs.(not final)
Where to get: Rare loot from Abyss Mode specified new dungeons.

3.) Item: Ancient Dragon Scroll
Amount: 1 pc
Where to get: Quest Item, obtain after completing a certain quest.

Interface Update:

A new bar/meter will added below HP and MP. It is called Inner Strength  or Dragon Points (DP).

How it works:

Every successful combo you made, you will earn DP. Genocide attack will give more bonus DP. Every points you will earn, it will be added into your DP bar until it will become Full. Once your DP bar is full, you can now enter into inner Dragon Transformation.

What are the effects of the  Inner Dragon Transformation?

   Technically, it will not change your appearance into a dragon form but there will be a slight change with your appearance, a great change stats and additional skills.

Physical changes:

> Whole body will become dark like the shadows in Chaos opening and  your eyes will glow (color depends on class , red for warrior, green for archer, pink for Sorc, Violet(not brown) for Kali, Blue for Clerics, and yellow for Academics).
> You will become a bit taller, as tall as the shadows in Chaos Opening
> You will emit radiant and flowing aura (colors depends on class like above mentioned).
> Your hair will stand like super saiyan.
> ACADEMICS, will return into her full grown body during the transformation, but you cannot appreciate their se xyness since their whole body will still be dark with yellow aura
> A thick aura will sprout at your back, resembling a pair of wings!

Almost something like this as an example for warrior but with a super saiyan hair:
Posted Image

Stats change:

Attack Power: +450%
Magic Attack Power: +450%
Strength: +300%
Agility: +300%
Intellect: +300%
Vitality: +250%
Critical: +150% Chance (Cap ignored)
Movement Speed: +80%
Action Speed: +60%
Cool down: -40%
Final Damage: + 55%
All elemental attack: +100%
All Elemental Defense: +80%
Super Armor: Same value as Iron Skin
Duration: -2% of Max DP per second (if being hit, will consume 2% more DP, the more you will get hit, the faster your DP will deplete)

*** During this form you will have a new set of HP bar with 100% HP. After you get back to your original form, whatever is left from your HP during the Transformation will become your remaining HP. If the remaing HP after the transformation is greater than your max HP, your HP will set to 100%.

Reuse time: 300 secs after use even if DP is 100% before 300 seconds.

Skill Change:

Additional Skills

Dragon Claw- [Description not available]
Dragon Breath- [ Breath varies on classes description not available]
Dragon Strike- Instantly teleports to the target back and deal a destructive blow. Can knockback and stun target with 100% probability.
Dragon regenerative blood- [Description not available]

> To activate the transformation Default bind has been set  to CTRL+TAB keys
> No heraldries available to enhance the transformation.

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